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Wolfgang Losert
Wolfgang Losert

The mission of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST) is to foster excellence in interdisciplinary research and education at the University of Maryland. IPST accomplishes this by integrating people, science and technology.

Our selective and highly ranked graduate programs in the fields of

provide specialized training at the intersection of traditional fields, and are a central component of our mission.

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News and Special Events

Undergraduate working with Pratyush Tiwary awarded prestigious scholarship

April 3, 2020. Undergraduate student Pavan Ravindra, a member of IPST/Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Pratyush Tiwary’s lab, has been awarded a scholarship by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation. He is one of four UMD undergraduate students awarded this prestigious scholarship. This award encourages students to pursue advanced study and research careers in the sciences, engineering and mathematics. Ravindra is a junior biochemistry and computer science dual-degree student who is also a member of the Integrated Life Sciences program in the Honors College.

Chris Jarzynski Awarded Simons Fellowship

March 10, 2020. Distinguished University Professor Christopher Jarzynski (IPST, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Department of Physics) has been awarded a Simons Fellowship. The Simons Fellows Program extends academic leaves from one term to a full year, enabling recipients to focus solely on research for the long periods often necessary for significant advances.

Lathrop Lab's Geodynamo Set for Overhaul

March 10, 2020. IPST and Physics Professor Dan Lathrop's liquid sodium experiment is set to be overhauled after 11 years of operation. The experiment is set as a way to simulate and perhaps even predict changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, which originates in its core and helps protect the surface from harmful solar radiation.

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Conference Announcements

Q-BIO'2020 Conference & Summer School:
Synergy of Machine Learning and Quantitative Modeling in Biology

Q-BIO is a series of conferences and affiliated summer schools which aim at advancing predictive modeling of cellular regulation, decision making, formation of response, and other information processing phenomena. The emphasis is on deep theoretical understanding, detailed modeling, and quantitative experimentation directed at understanding the behavior of particular regulatory systems and/or elucidating general principles of cellular information processing. Unlike many biological conferences, which focus on specific model systems, Q-BIO focuses on understanding of phenomena, which manifest themselves in many biological systems.

The Q-BIO conference will take place from July 28 to July 31, 2020, and the Q-BIO summer school will take place from July 20 to July 31, 2020. For details, visit the official Q-BIO'2020 website.